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Root Saws

Root Saws

Richard Tregoweth - Saturday, June 06, 2009

Your standard Silky hates to be used as a root saw - the teeth are not designed for this purpose - small rocks and debris in root systems will damage the teeth in no time. Treetools has two saws specifically designed for root work - one from Corona and the other from Silky.

The most popular is the Corona root saw which is shaped like a dagger with a small straight blade at the tip - it will cut through most roots with ease. One downside is that you cannot replace the blade (unlike the Silky). Many hunters buy the Corona instead of a knife - perfect for getting through deer breast bone - and it comes in a hard plastic scabbard. The Silky is shaped more-or-less like a standard Gomtaro but is extremely efficient at cutting roots.

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