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Rock Exotica rigging hub from outer space?

Rock Exotica rigging hub from outer space?

Richard Tregoweth - Sunday, May 08, 2011

The Rock Exotica UFO looks like it could be from outer space but the acronym UFO actually stands for Universal Focusing Object or 3-D rigging in tree work parlance.

The Treemagineers first introduced the concept of three dimensional rigging with the launch of the DMM Rigging Hubs   last year. Unfortunately, the Treemagineers offering had no accompanying 'how to' paperwork and this left most arborists wondering what do for with them (DMM Rigging Hub instructions are due out soon apparently).

Recently, Treetools has noticed a renewed interestin the concept of 3-D rigging largely driven by Rossy Ross from Pro Climb and contract climbing arborist FreddieHjelms. Both these guys use a knot-based set-up with the DMM Rigging Hub sitting centrally in a horizontal position. According to Rossy it is very easyto set up, adjust and use - saving precious time over traditional, more complicated methods.

A major difference between these two 3-D rigging hubs, apart from load specs, is the physical shape of the hub themselves. Unlike the DMM Rigging Hubwhich a constructed in a flying-saucer-like flat disc format the Rock Exotica UFO has soft-connection holes set in three dimensions, across all sides -see picture below.

A word of caution - this style of tree rigging has ropes draping like spaghetti from the hub, in and around the tree - if you have trouble handling oneor two ropes don't attempt 3-D rigging until you get some training!

Treetools should have the Rock Exotica UFO available soon.

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