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Rock Exotica Omni Swivel Pulley

Rock Exotica Omni Swivel Pulley

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, August 06, 2009

Treetools will add the Rock Exotica Omni swivel pulley/block to the tree climbing catalogue  over the next few days.

The Omni is a high strength, alloy pulley (36 kN) with a swivel head. The swivel eliminates twisting of the rope in the rigging system. It is available in a single and double sheave configuration.

A unique feature on these pulleys is the button-activated mechanism which releases the side swing plate, allowing quick access to the sheave for mid-line attachment.

The swing plates on most other pulleys are secured by a carabiner which must be removed before the rope can be introduced.

This action increases the chance of dropping the pulley - problem solved with the Omni since the pulley can remain attached throughout the rope loading procedure.

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