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Rob Fisher captures Scott and Veronika 'in the moment'

Rob Fisher captures Scott and Veronika 'in the moment'

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sorry Marie-Pierrette it's not what you think!

We've featured Rob's tree climbing photography before on the Treetools blog - and we have a couple of his photographs hanging in our new showroom at Kerwyn Ave in East Tamaki - you could even say we are a little bit biased!

But… with good reason.

Have a look at Rob's latest pics featuring Scott (the legend) Forrest and our very own she-pirate, Veronika Ericsson climbing in Sydney over the weekend (Veronika is an honorary kiwi having climbed at the NTCA Pakaraka Tree Climbers Gathering, the Taranaki Open and Matt Glen's Fancy Dress TCC earlier in the year).

Of particular interest are the harness shots. Matt Glen suggested we capture 'harness shots' (showing different gear set-ups) about two years ago.

Treetools thought it was a great idea, but it turned out to be very hard to achieve. It's good to see some of these shots coming through now - thanks Rob!

See more tree climbing photographs in the 2011 Treephoto Competition (featured on the mt arborist website).

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