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Rigging demo highlights need for more training

Rigging demo highlights need for more training

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, January 28, 2010

The rigging demo conducted by Rossy Ross from Pro Climb on Wednesday 27 February highlighted the rapid changes and developments currently taking place in the tree rigging market. Reg Coates dual RC-3002 from Stein Safety attracted plenty of attention and the 'live' lifting and lowering demonstration using the GRCS was probably a New Zealand first.

In terms of friction devices, the humble Port-A-Wrap has long dominated the New Zealand tree rigging market. Now arborists have a complete range of lowering and lifting devices available, each with their own benefits and limitations. Enhanced safety and increased productivity and efficiency are the driving factors behind the design of these new lowering devices. However, to accrue all the benefits of using this equipment arborists will need a thorough understanding of the dynamics involved in tree rigging.

The requirement for rigging training is not something new. Many arborists havegained their rigging knowledge purely by trial and error. Considering the risks involved this method of learning appears somewhat foolhardy.

While the addition of new equipment to the market highlights the need for correct training even the old 'tried and true' methods sometimes produce unexpectedresults. Check out the video below. It features Malcolm Shaw from Norton Tree Services getting a good 'ol shake at the top of a dismantled Norfolk Pine.

The Tenex line used to rig down the Norfolk's crown flattened hard under load on the Port-A-Wrap, pinching the line momentarily against the bar. The loadslowed too quickly and sent the excess energy into the 40 meter stem. Witness the ride it produced for Malcolm!

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