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Rigging Demo Wednesday 27 January, Auckland

Rigging Demo Wednesday 27 January, Auckland

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pro Climb, New Zealand's leading tree rigging training company is conducting a rigging demonstration next Wednesday in Auckland led by head trainer Andreas 'Rossy' Ross. The rigging demo will  feature the NZ made Pro Climb Rigging Bollard, the Stein RC Lowering devices designed by Reg Coates and the Good Rigging Control System (GRCS) by Greg Good. Pro Climb are working in association with Malcolm Shaw of Norton Tree Services, Auckland.

Thegum pictured below is to be removed. Rossy will demonstrate various rigging options using the complete range of lowering and lifting devices availablefrom Treetools.

The (PCRB) Pro Climb Rigging Bollard, designed by Rossy, is gaining traction in the NZ tree rigging market as a superior alternative to the traditionalPort-A-Wrap. The PCRB comes ready to rig - no additional whoopie slings or attachment webbing is required. Mounting can be completed by one person usinga rigging line and a simple prussic.

The Stein Lowering Devices were launched at the TCI Expo in Baltimore, November '09 and this will be the first demonstration of the equipment outsideof the UK or US markets. Reports to date indicate a very positive response to these new tree rigging lowering devices from arborists in both countries.Treetools has also had plenty of interest from local arborists.

The GRCS is a well known lifting and lowering device based on the Model 46 Harken self-tailing capstan winch. But not many NZ arborists would havehad the opportunity to see one of these units in action - so here's your chance.

Start time 10:00am, Wednesday 27 January, 2010, corner of Banks and Boakes Street, Mt Wellington, Auckland.

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