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PulleySAVER retrieval shackle revisited

PulleySAVER retrieval shackle revisited

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, January 09, 2012

When you are familiar with a product it can be very easy to (almost) forget some its idiosyncrasies.

Take the Treemagineers pulleySAVER as an example.

Without prior knowledge you might find the retrieval shackle on the pulleySAVER a little complicated to use. That is, your climbing line may not appear to fit past the wire gate on the retrieval shackle.

With each sale of the pulleySAVER Treetools makes a concerted effort to explain how the retrieval shackle works.

But on some occasions we forget and as sure as eggs the customer will ring us back to say there is something wrong with their new pulleySAVER.

And Treetools should know better - we were in the same boat once upon a time. In frustration we finally rang Treemagineer Chris Cowell to find out what the problem was.

Once Chris explained, it seemed like a very dumb question!

So, for those of you who are too embarrassed to ask here is how the retrieval shackle on the Treemagineers pulleySAVER actually functions (and it does work).

To install the line:

- Use the rope to push the wire gate to the open position (image 1);
- Continue rotating the rope and allow the wire gate to swing back to the closed position (image 2).

To remove the climbing line:

- With the line at the top of the snap (image 3);
- Use one hand to apply gentle force to open the gate, whilst at the same time rotating the line with the other hand and the gate will open (image 4).Treemagineers pulleySAVER

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