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Resist using inappropriate hardware when rigging

Resist using inappropriate hardware when rigging

Richard Tregoweth - Saturday, June 23, 2012

Over the last week Treetools has seen a couple of examples where relatively new 16mm Samson rigging lines have broken due to carabiner failure, resulting in timber on the deck.

The metal on the sheered-off carabiner has snagged the rope, slicing through it, sending the piece to the ground.

In both instances a steel screw gate carabiner was involved. Treetools does not sell steel screw gate carabiners very often, preferring to stick with triple actionp barrels, but the issue here is not with the carabiner.

The problem these guys experienced is a direct result of the carabiner cross loading on the screw gate where as it passed around the girth of the piece being lowered.

One has to ask: why use hardware at this point in the first place?

Above is a video showing a simple 'rigging' glove hitch.

Drop the carabiner, tie the knot!

Thanks for the knot tying lesson Nick!

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