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Re-worked Petzl Croll for 2013

Re-worked Petzl Croll for 2013

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, October 15, 2012

Petzl have re-worked a couple of their old faithfuls; the Croll and Pantin, due for launch first quarter 2013 (we believe).

On first sighting, the Croll prototype has a more 'finished' look than its predecessor. The edges are rounded and rope friendly (almost DMM-like) - apparently the stamped metal look of the old model is due to the age of the dies still in production?

Treetools has only seen the Petzl Croll to date and it is much smaller and more compact than the original.

The toothed cam is now stainless steel and there is a formed, stainless 'protector' sleeve riveted on the inside of the rope channel where the running rope makes contact with the device.

Most of the parts look to be completely re-worked, down to the thumb catch and spring mechanism controlling the cam.

The new model only accommodates ropes up to 11mm but its doubtful that will present a problem to tree climbers since most prefer 11mm (or less) for access lines.

Since the advent of the Rope Wrench and Single Line Work Positioning Treetools has noted a slowing of sales in 'frog' style SRT ascent systems, of which the Croll is an integral component.

This phenomenon might be a case of 'let's wait and see' or the beginning of a new trend.

Petzl Croll

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