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Quik Clot would have been handy!

Quik Clot would have been handy!

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Check out the story in the Dominion Post below. Forestry worker Chris Williams was bowled over by a run away log and the blunt end of his chainsaw pieced his groin causing massive bleeding. Quick thinking by paramedic Johnny Mulheron who arrived on site in the rescue helicopter probably saved Chris' life. Johnny jammed his fist into the wound to stop the bleeding and kept it there until they arrived at hospital.

Treework is a dangerous business and accidents resulting in severe blood loss can happen - all too quickly. Its for this reason we believe tree work first aid kits should include a rapid clotting agent - for example Quik Clot. 

Treetools showed Quik Clot to Thane Young, Department of Labour Health and Safety Inspector - Forestry at the NZ Arb Conference in November and he saw an immediate benefit for tree workers. Within a few days Woodweek  had this to say.

Quik Clot is registeredwith the Dept of Health and MedSafe and is a homeostatic sponge designed to instantly coagulate blood in cases of severe bleeding. Chris Williams workmatescould have done with a pack of Quik Clot on Tuesday!

We at Treetools wish Chris a speedy recovery (Chrsitmas is not the time to be lying in hospital) and well done Johnny for such quick thinking.

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