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QuikClot: a vital addition to your first aid kit

QuikClot: a vital addition to your first aid kit

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, August 10, 2009

Safety conscious arborists right across the country are including QuikClot in their first aid kits: either the 25g sachets for individual workers or the 100g sponge in each of their trucks.

Since listing this unique product back in June, Treetools has hada large number of inquiries from arb companies, conservation groups, hunters, forestry gangs and Government Departments.

If you are working with a chainsaw, or any tool that is likely to cause severe bleeding if mishandled, then you need QuikClot.

Quik Clot is fully approved by the NZ Ministry of Health and Med Safe NZ to stop moderate to severe bleeding by promoting rapid coagulation of the blood.QuikClot is available as single 25g sachets, boxes of five or in the 100g sponge.

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