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Professional tree tool prices at Bunnings

Professional tree tool prices at Bunnings

Richard Tregoweth - Sunday, August 30, 2009

A customer called the other evening to ask about the differences between the Fiskars splitting axes (there are subtle differences in the head and weight on each model). After much discussion I suggested he drop by to check the weight and 'feel' of each axe but he lived in Manukau and couldn't get into the city. We concluded a visit to Bunnings was probably his best option since they were his closest Fiskars retailer - I assumed we had lost the sale but the customer would find what he was looking for and Fiskars are a good, value-for-money axe regardless of the supplier.

The next day Karenreceived a call from a Bunnings staff member in Manukau querying our Fiskars splitting axe prices - apparently we're too cheap! I assume the axe customerquoted our website prices - Bunnings claim to sell for 15% less if you can find a better deal and I think he had found one at Treetools.

This prompted me to visit a Bunnings store to see what prices similar equipment was selling for. I found most of the tree tools for sale were budget modelsand not applicable to our market. However, they did supply some of the professional equipment sold by Treetools and the prices on these items were moreexpensive (eg the Bahco P34-37: Bunnings $165.00; Treetools $118.50).

Bunnings marketing is all about price, so if you want a bargain go to them for budget tree tools (they appear to have the best prices at this end of themarket) but if you are looking for professional equipment you are better off dealing with Treetools - it appears you'll get a better price.

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