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Problems with treeMOTION D-rings - urban myth or reality?

Problems with treeMOTION D-rings - urban myth or reality?

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, September 28, 2009

Treetools have shown the treeMOTION harness to a countless number of climbers. Those who already own a treeMOTION claim it is the best investment they have every made.

Those who don't own one claim the DMM forged D-rings attaching the bridge to the leg and waist belt are too sharp and wear out the webbing straps too quickly. In the original harness this may have been the case but a solution has long been found - the D-rings are now 'smooth' in particular where ever they come into contact with the webbing. Or course, as with all thoroughbreds, there is always a compromise.

Movement is the very nature of a treeMOTION - movement creates friction, friction creates wear - you can't have it all ways. That said, the latest treeMOTIONs stand up extremely well to everyday use. Ask any user - Treetools has found none who would be prepared to change to an alternative harness.

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