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Practice makes perfect - if you want to break world records!

Practice makes perfect - if you want to break world records!

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, June 11, 2012

One has to wonder how many 'foot lock miles' Nicky Ward-Allen has under her belt!

Have a look at the video below which chronicles Nicky's road to success as the womens world foot lock record holder.

Commencing back in 2005 with a 16-lock attempt at the Unsworth Reserve on the North Shore, the final footage shows the world record breaking climb of 9-locks completed at the 2010 ITCC in Chicago.

You can almost 'feel' the amount of training that must have gone into making the world record books!

Nicky's record breaking foot lock was completed on ultra light weight 10mm Teufelberger Globe 5000 supplied by Treetools but she is currently experimenting with 10mm Armor Prus (as used by the current men's world foot lock record holder, fellow kiwi, James Kilpatrick).

The 48m continuous length of Armor-Prus was also supplied by Treetools in association with current world champion tree climber Scott Forrest (patron of the Legends Foundation).

Our thanks to Neal Harding for posting this video.

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