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Plenty of alternatives to Port-A-Wrap

Plenty of alternatives to Port-A-Wrap

Richard Tregoweth - Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pro Climbs Rigging Bollard is now available for sale. This locally made bollard provides an excellent alternative to the Port-A-Wrap. The system comes complete, ready to rig, with strong industrial grade ratcheting slings for attaching the bollard to the tree - all you need is your rigging rope (The Port-A-Wrap requires an additional whoopie sling for attachment to the tree).

Treetools were hoping to have the latest rigging bollards from SteinSafety and the GRCS available for the NZ Arboricultural Association Conference next weekend in Blenheim but delays in shipping will mean they arrive toolate. The Stein bollards, designed by Reg Coates, were first launched to the world at the TCI Expo in Baltimore, USA on November 7, 2009 so this wouldhave been the first viewing for New Zealand arborists.

Rossy from Pro Climb will be on our stand at the Conference to talk about the PCRB. Rossy also runs an excellent rigging workshop for those wanting toincrease their skill in this technical area of tree work.

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