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Pfanner introduce Nexus Safety Glasses

Pfanner introduce Nexus Safety Glasses

Richard Tregoweth - Friday, May 04, 2012

Pfanner, manufacturers of Stretch-Air chainsaw clothing, have expanded their range to include safety glasses.

As with all things Pfanner, the new Nexus Safety Glasses come packed with innovation, partially due to the fact the Pfanner designers actually stopped and listened to what arborists had to say.

A common problem with all safety glasses, when combined with ear protection, is the pressure formed between the eyeglass frame and the ear where the muff presses against the head.

Pfanner have got around this problem with the development of 'Quattroflex', a soft, pliable material used in the construction of the frame at the contact points like nose, forehead and ears. Quattroflex is soft to touch but remains rigid enough to hold the glasses in place.

The Quattroflex material is formed into the structure of the glasses frame… so it cannot fall off and get lost, rendering the entire pair of glasses useless.

By all accounts the Pfanner Nexus glasses are extremely scratch proof and offer 100% ultra violet protection.

Perhaps their biggest feature is the ability to resist fogging.

Only the AO Safety Lexa glasses come anywhere close to the Pfanner Nexus in terms of anti-fog-ability.

Previously, the Lexa glasses had a loyal following with competition climbers based solely on their ability to resist fogging.

The Pfanner Nexus Safety Glasses are available in clear, smoked and yellow (for light enhancement) and will be listed on the Treetools website early next week. Soft and hard carry cases are also available,

Pfanner Nexus Anti-fog Safety Glasses

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