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Important blog post from iClimbinc

Important blog post from iClimbinc

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Singapore-based tree climber/blogger Jordan Glossop from iClimbinc has blogged about the January 10, 2012 caution notice from Petzl regarding the Petzl Shunt when used in rope access as a backup device (towed by a cord).

Jordan touches on a number of important topics in this one post - the primary focus being the Shunt caution notice from Petzl.

But Jordan also touches on the complications of new climbing gear configurations, climber responsibility in checking these configurations, gear and configuration rejection at tree climbing competitions, complications the ITCC Technical Advisory Committee face in managing these new configurations, the online ITCC gear/configuration submission form along with an introduction to the Technical Advisory Committee members - that's a lot to cram into one sentence).

The issues iClimbinc rightfully refer to are worthy of far more in depth discussion in our opinion.

Regarding the Petzl Shunt itself: according to sales volume from Treetools the Petzl Shunt is not commonly used in New Zealand tree climbing.

It did have a brief moment of glory after James Kilpatrick (correct us if we are wrong) used one as a back-up device in the Asia-Pacific TCC back in 2010 but popularity soon waned.

Treetools spoke with James about the use of the Petzl Shunt around that time and he was insistent (even back then) that care should be taken with its application as a backup device.

Now it's official (when towed with a cord)!

Petzl Shunt Caution

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