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Petzl Husqvarna

Petzl Husqvarna

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We have blogged in the past about the Petzl Ear-Face and the various helmet standards applicable to Europe, Australia and New Zealand. While the Petzl Ear-Face has plenty of excellent features it doesn't suit everyone. For example, one downside is the 'peak' created by the visor. The problem is made worse by the edition of the nylon seal (designed to stop wood chips from falling between the helmet and visor).

The Petzl Vertex helmets (Ventand Best) were originally designed for mountain climbing. The absence of a 'peak' above the eyes meant the climber could glance upward without any impairmentto their vision. The 'peakless' feature offers obvious benefits to tree climbers and ground crews who constantly glance upward throughout the course oftheir working day. The superior chin strap system and 'peakless' feature are possibly the main reasons for the Vertex popularity in arborists circles.

In contrast to the Petzl Ear-Face,  the Petzl Husky visor was designed to fit snug against the 'peak' of the helmet - so there is a clear line ofvision on the upward glance. The visor is also more contoured to the face, chin and neck so that small wood chips cannot fly between the visor and yourface. Even the gap between the visor and the ear muff is reduced to further eliminate the 'flying woodchip' problem. The ear muffs on the Petzl Husky arealso much easier to adjust due to the patented system employed by MSA Sordin.

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