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Petzl Alveo helmet better suited to competition climbing

Petzl Alveo helmet better suited to competition climbing

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, April 28, 2011

Your helmet is for head protection - right? Well… yes, of course it is! Then why is it we see so many helmets tossed into the back of the truck or sitting all day in the sun when not on ones head?

The much anticipated Petzl Alveo arrived in store the other day. This is the latest helmet design from Petzl. A big feature of this helmet is its light weight - and the Alveo is indeed very light weight - as in LIGHT WEIGHT!

The Alveo is designed to compliment the more industrial Vertex option (Vent and Best) having the same ear-muff clip holes, lighting attachment etc. Butthe durability of a light weight helmet like the Alveo is questionable in a tree work environment, particularly if the helmet is mistreated in any way.

That's not to say its a crap helmet. Quite the contrary, but the Alveo will require a little bit more tender loving care than a Vertex model - if youwant to get any sort of life out of it.

Style-wise the Alveo looks great. The unique style combined with its light weight is bound to make the Alveo a winner with the comp climbers. This helmetalso features the new side-adjustment wheels which help position the helmet 'squarely' on your head.

Treetools will get the Petzl Alveo listed on the website over the next few days. Sorry guys, only available in red, white and yellow.

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