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Pencil in Monday 9 April for the Milverton Park Open Masters

Pencil in Monday 9 April for the Milverton Park Open Masters

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Stop in at Milverton Park in Palmerston North for the Central Districts Open Masters Challenge on Easter Monday 9 April. Event organizer, woman's world footlock record holder Nicky Ward-Allen, tells us the trees are fantastic and an excellent climb is planned.

This is the first Open Masters Challenge to be held in Palmerston North and should be within easy traveling distance for most Central Districts climbers - even those from as far away as Wellington.

Treetools knows of a few Auckland tree climbers who are building this event into their Easter travel schedule.

The Open Masters Challenge is the brainchild of international tree climber Matt Glen. The concept is based on the Masters Challenge common to tree climbing competitions where qualifiers compete for a final position by completing the Masters climb.

The 'Open Challenge' provide an opportunity for tree climbers to experience the 'Masters' climb without having to qualify through the preliminary TCC events.

In addition, spectators love them - the event is usually over in less than half an hour, depending on the tree, and the rules are relatively uncomplicated for people new to the sport.

The Open Masters tree is set up similar to a Work Climb. The major difference is the installation of your climbing system which must be completed before you commence your climb.

These events are great fun and provide an opportunity for competitive tree climbers to experience a 'Masters' climb with a little bit of pressure to perform. They are an excellent way to hone your competitive skills.

The Milverton Park Open Masters Challenge gets underway at a very respectable 11:00am so there should be no excuses. Treetools will be there with a spot prize for every competitor.

For more information on the Milverton Park Open Masters Challenge contact Nicky Ward-Allen or Neal Harding or visit Central Districts Tree Climbing on FaceBook.

Nicky Ward-Allen:

Phone: (06) 764 7386

Neal Harding:

Mob: 0210 228 7466

Here's the directions according to Charlie Pat Mee: Ferguson Street has the Burger King, and Victoria Avenue has the McDonalds. Just plot a southeasterly course from McDs until you intersect a line running nor-east from Burger King and there you are!

Otherwise check Google Maps.

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