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Partial correction regarding Samson Zing-It

Partial correction regarding Samson Zing-It

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, November 09, 2009

Late October Treetools stated Samson Zing-It was only available in YELLOW and technically that is correct. But since then a number of tree climbers, including Drew Bristow, have told us about the availability of RED Zing-It.

Yes, you can get RED Zing-It but only from Sherrill. Apparently they spend so much money with Samson they can get whatever colour they like. Unfortunately, Treetools  (and all other arb suppliers throughout the world) do not command such buying power so we have to settle for YELLOW. Sorry guys, its New England Dynaglide in green or orange or Zing-It in yellow.

Unless of course you buy direct from that other company!

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