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Pakaraka Tree Climbers Gathering the first arborcamp for 2011

Pakaraka Tree Climbers Gathering the first arborcamp for 2011

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The NTCA (Northland Tree Climbers Association) Pakaraka Tree Climbers Gathering scheduled for January 15-16, 2011 is generating plenty of interest in the kiwi tree climbing community.

NZAA Top 20 leader, Scott Forrest will return from Australia specifically for the event and most local climbers are planning to attend the climbing weekend to start off the 2011 tree climbing year.

The NTCA say the Pakaraka camp on the Alderton farm property in Northland will be a family affair with kids climbing, a lake visit and 'discovery' walk over an old pa site. Basic self-sufficient campsites are available.

Auckland-based training provider, Pro Climb, in conjunction with Drew Bristow of DB Tree and Climb Every Thing will conduct a Rigging with the Port-A-Wrap Workshop with all proceeds being donated to the Agathis Tree Climbers Crisis Fund (another NTCA initiative).

The Alderton Farm campsite has a number of large native trees available for freestyle climbing. A single rope technique (SRT) and modern tree climbing open forum is also planned (along the lines of Scott's 'workshop' following day one of the NTCC on Friday).

A feature of the weekend will be the 'retro' climbing competition. Day One will include a climb that has to be completed using a laid rope and prussic (a la old school) and Day Two the climbers must use modern tree climbing equipment. The score will be amortized over both days to decide the winner - this should be interesting!

Set aside January 15-16, 2011 and start planning your trip up trees, up North! The NTCA extend a welcome to all tree climbers and their families.

NTCA co-founder Troy Alderton at the 2010 NZ NTCC

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