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Pakaraka Tree Climber's Gathering looking good!

Pakaraka Tree Climber's Gathering looking good!

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, December 20, 2010

The NTCA Pakaraka Tree Climbers's Gathering is beginning to gain momentum as the January date draws nearer. Climbers are planning their holiday break around this important Northland weekend.

New Zealand No.1 tree climber, Scott Forrest will fly in from Australia to support the NTCA in this inaugural event.

Scott will run an informal open forum style workshop, similar to the NZAA event following the first day at the Nationals. This proved to be a very successful format, with plenty of opportunity for climbers to get involved in the discussion and practical demonstrations.

If you haven't seen Scott in action he has an uncanny way of including everyone - no matter how wild the idea presented. Being the humble fellow that he is, Scott claims his inclusive style is based on the fact that other climbers know more than he does - but we know that is simply not true! His workshop is not to be missed.

The NTCA has a short run of Pakaraka memorabilia tee shirts being printed - these will be available from Treetools before the event as well as over the weekend itself. Money raised from the sale of the shirts will go towards NTCA funding - so far Joe and Troy have paid for everything themselves!

Scott Forrest in action at the NZAA Nationals workshop.

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