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PPE inspection

PPE inspection

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, December 14, 2009

When it is time to replace your climbing gear? Some companies have a PPE inspection schedule firmly entrenched in their code of practice but others are much less formal and gear is only retired when it breaks! Sounds crazy but it happens.

If PPE inspection is being overlooked or forgotten in your workplace Petzl offer a very easy to use electronic safety register called Easy Inspect that can be downloaded from the Petzl website.

All your PPE inspection data can be collected and stored in one place - electronically. Serial numbers, ID numbers, manufacturer, model, start dates etc are loaded when a new piece of PPE or climbing gear is commissioned for service.

Being electronic, Easy Inspect handles multi-criteria sorting and scheduling at the click of a button, photographs of potential problems can be uploaded and the information can be exported to Excel with a single click.

Very versatile… and its FREE!

If the electronic version appears too daunting you can download individual inspection sheets and checking process details which outline all the information required to perform the inspection correctly.

If your company has no PPE inspection policy in place this a good starting point for individual climbers.

Thanks to Drew Bristow for this PPE inspection tip.

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