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Over 100 competitive tree climbers in New Zealand!

Over 100 competitive tree climbers in New Zealand!

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The total number of individuals to have climbed in a Tree Climbing Competition in New Zealand over the last twelve months (since the 2010 Auckland Regional TCC in March) now exceeds 100; made up of 91 men and 11 women. These figures are drawn from the NZAA Top 20 climber rankings developed by Neal Harding.

Saturday's Taranaki Open was the last event with points effecting the rankings. The NZAA have not updated the Top 20 Climber Rankings yet but we predict Clay Winter will show a shift in position. The 'naki Open would be his third 'points contributing' climb for the year.

Other climber rankings may also shift as Clay moves up the list, particularly those below No:12 Anton Serwylo. Keep an eye on the NZAA Top 20 over thenext few days.

Wanganui climber, Clay Winter pictured above at the 2011 Taranaki Open on Saturday. Clay also picked up a new DMM Pinto Rig pulley from Treetools for winning the 'Spirit of the Competition' prize at the Open.

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