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Open Masters Challenge confirmed for Saturday 22 May

Open Masters Challenge confirmed for Saturday 22 May

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cornwall Park Management have confirmed the tree to be used in the Open Masters Challenge and SRT Speed Competition scheduled for Saturday 22 May.

The SRT Speed Climb is over 20 meters and will be timed using three stop watches - the time from each watch will be averaged to give the final result. Climbers can use their own rope or Globe 5000 provided by Treetools. Your SRT system must be demonstrated before the climb and acceptance for use in the event is subject to the head technicians approval. The system must include a back-up to protect against ascender malfunction as per rule 2.2.28 in the 2010 ITCC Rule Book. The winner of the SRT Speed Climb will receive a DB Tree Crackajack SRT rope bag donated by Treetools.

Matt has a challengingMasters climb set up for anyone who wants to enter. If you are interested in tree climbing this is your opportunity to check over all the latest gear andtechniques and to see some of the countries best climbers in action.

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