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Open Challenge Sunday February 7, 2010

Open Challenge Sunday February 7, 2010

Richard Tregoweth - Friday, January 29, 2010

Set aside the afternoon of Sunday 7 February for another Open TCC in Cornwall Park, Auckland. Matt Glen is planning either a Masters or Work Climb. Treetools will provide a prize for the newcomer with the highest points. More information and directions to follow.

A series of Masters TCC events are planned throughout the summer. The more experienced Auckland climbers are invited to submit their pet 'trees' for potential events. The trees can be in any part of Auckland and the climb can be set up in any format. eg, footlocking, speed climb, throwline, work climb or masters. Treetools will provide spot prizes.

These Open TCC events provide an excellent opportunity for tree climbers to hone their skills (forthe Auckland Regional TCC) and to compare climbing styles, techniques and new equipment. If you are interested in tree climbing these events are not tobe missed!

Relaxing between climbs at a previous Open TCC in Cornwall Park.

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