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Open Challenge, Sunday 18 April, Cornwall Park, Auckland

Open Challenge, Sunday 18 April, Cornwall Park, Auckland

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, April 12, 2010

The location for the Sunday 18 April Open Masters Challenge is confirmed as the big oak in the farmers paddock to the right as you go through the Greenlane West entrance to Cornwall Park in Auckland. You can gain easier access to the tree by entering the Cornwall Park Cricket Club entrance opposite the ASB Showgrounds.

Registration 12:00 noon onwards with a start time of 1:00 pm. Matt Glen has set up the climb but is unable to attend so Drew Bristow has stepped in to help. Matt says the climb can be completed in 25 minutes (mind you, he won't be there to prove it can be done!).

Judges are required for this eventso contact Matt of Drew if you can help:

Matt Glen
Mobile: 021 079 4193

Drew Bristow
Mobile: 021 738 696

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