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Ocean Polyester hitch cord available by the meter

Ocean Polyester hitch cord available by the meter

Richard Tregoweth - Sunday, August 08, 2010

Treetools now has Ocean Polyester hitch cord in 8mm and 10mm available by the meter.  Previously, the only way to trial Ocean Polyester was to purchase a factory stitched eye-to-eye hitch cord.

By providing OP by the meter, climbers have the opportunity to try alternative cords for their specific configuration without investing a large sum of money.

Ocean Polyester is made by Teufelberger in Austria to The Treemagineers specifications.

OP is used on the stitched eye-to-eye cords used in the Treemagineers CE Climb package. The eye-to-eye OP cords, available in different lengths, are very popular with climbers looking for an alternative to Armor-Prus.

OP is very easy to knot so various length cords can be trialled before making the decision to invest in a factory stitched option.

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