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Not all PPE webbing is created equal

Not all PPE webbing is created equal

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Along with the bridge, the hip-to-leg webbing straps on the TreeMOTION harness are the most common replacement parts requested - the trade-off result for all that freedom of movement you get with the TreeMOTION!

Genuine replacement hip-to-leg webbing straps have always been available from Treetools but some climbers have baulked at the idea of being locking into the manufacturer for parts - for whatever reason?

Surely price cannot be the issue, the genuine replacement hip-to-leg TreeMOTION straps, stitched and certified by Austria-based Teufelberger, retail in New Zealand for $35.90 a pair (including GST).

Instead of using genuine replacement parts Treetools is seeing a few NZ-made hip-to-leg straps appearing on TreeMOTIONs brought into the shop for excessive leg loop slippage at the buckle.

At first glance the NZ-made straps look identical to the Teufelberger originals - see image below, the genuine hip-to-leg strap is the one on the left.

Strength is probably not an issue with the NZ-made version but the number of bar tacks is reduced and there is no convenient twist in the eye for a tidy cinch.

And these straps are not certified - although we are fairly certain a gear checker would not easily detect this vital fact.

No. The real drawback of the NZ-made hip-to-leg straps (and the reason we are seeing the harness returned to Treetools) is their tendency to slip on the TreeMOTION hip-to-leg adjustment buckle.

Within a few minutes of setting the correct hip-to-leg adjustment the NZ-made webbing strap slowly begins to creep at the buckle - making for a very frustrating climb.

The reason for the tenacity of the genuine webbing on the buckle is unknown to Treetools… but it works without question!

The moral of the story: if you want optimum results from your TreeMOTION always use genuine replacement parts.

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