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Northland Tree Climbers Association now on Facebook

Northland Tree Climbers Association now on Facebook

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, December 06, 2010

The Northland Tree Climbers Association (NTCA) now has a presence on Facebook.

The NTCA was formed earlier in the year by well known (and respected) Northland tree climbers Joe Cooper and Troy Alderton. The pair also established the Agathis Tree Climber Relief Fund, administered by the NTCA, to assist kiwi climbers in a time of need. Money for the fund is generated from the sale of specially designed Agathis Fund tool lanyards sold by arb retailers around the country.

A special area of interest for Troy and Joe is the development of children's tree climbing in Northland. The NTCA is currently testing one of the kids harnesses from Edelrid.

Joe and Troy introduced tree climbing to the kids from Kawakawa Primary at a recent school camp and Moerewa is next on the list to experience the team. Treetools has donated two more Treejack harnesses to the NTCA climbing gear kit to help get more Northland kids into trees.

The NTCA is also hosting the first arborcamp of 2011. The Pakaraka Tree Climber's Gathering will take place on the weekend of January 15-16 at the Alderton Farm in Northland.

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