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New ultralight carabiner from Petzl

New ultralight carabiner from Petzl

Richard Tregoweth - Friday, July 17, 2009

Johno Smith (master arborist and owner of Treetop Solutions, 2009 Auckland Tree Climbing Champion and member of the DB Tree Team) visited Treetools earlier this week and while discussing the rapid development in tree climbing techniques he mentioned the new Attache 3D sport carabiner from Petzl.

By utilsing a '3D' design Petzl have removed all unnecessary material and managed to trim the Attache 3D down to a mere 55 gm. The '3D' shape is very similar to the style used by DMM on the Revolver and Ultra O binas which have been so popular at Treetools.

The gate is another innovation on the Attache 3D - its designed in such a way to reduce the chance for slings or webbing to catch (on the gate or locking sleeve). But no Triact-Lock - the Attache 3D is only available in SCREW-LOCK (with lock indicator).

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