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New 'aerial arborist' magazine to launch in October 2011

New 'aerial arborist' magazine to launch in October 2011

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, August 22, 2011

Arb Climber "at last, a magazine specifically for climbing arborists and riggers" is due to launch in October 2011 . Arb Climber is a sister publication to 19-year old, Technical Rescue and is part of the TR Media stable.

Hard copy magazines still have their place in this digital world - think 'wet day in the truck' reading amongst other things. 

According to the advertising blurb, Arb Climber will provide in-depth gear reviews, buying guides, test and research articles etc with loads of pictures and graphics. Some of the graphics will be familiar to you since they are sourced from the Sherrill catalog but there is bound to be plenty of new stuff as well.

A review which includes New Zealand's Aspiring arborist harness pitched against the Treemotion and the new Harkie harness should make interesting reading.

Treemagineer Chris Cowell and world class UK woman climber, Josephine Hedger are listed as editorial contributors - watch this space!

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