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New 'Press-To-Listen' earmuff from Peltor

New 'Press-To-Listen' earmuff from Peltor

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, May 31, 2012

Modern ear protection is pretty efficient. But in some cases super-efficient hearing protection can be a hindrance, particularly when you need to listen to what someone is saying. For instance, a safety warning from a co-worker.

The only way around the hearing problem is to raise the ear muff momentarily while the person is speaking. Or to lift the muff completely during a conversation.

But these are not ideal solutions.

Often the ear muff is not returned to the ear, thereby negating the need for ear protection in the first place. Or, while the ear muff is raised the wearer is exposed to the full noise of the chipper or chainsaw.

Peltor by 3M have come up with a solution to this problem.

Now arborists can have excellent hearing protection with an NRR of up to 26dB but also the ability to hear speech and signals 'unmuffled' and safely amplified to 87dB when they need it.

Simply push the button on the ear cup to activate the listening mode for a 30 second interval. To activate another listening interval, press again.

The Peltor PTL ear muff houses a single AA battery in the ear piece to electronically drive the temporary amplification.

This is not a radio communications device like the Stein PTT or the bluetooth capable Sensear SM1xSR but its a major step forward never-the-less. And… the price is right.

Treetools should have helmet mounted Peltor PTL instore next week.

Peltor Press-to-Listen

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