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New England Ropes coming your way soon

New England Ropes coming your way soon

Richard Tregoweth - Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ropes from New England, including Tachyon (the US version), KM III, HRC Thermashield and the new ascent line Escalator will soon be available in New Zealand.

Treetools first shipment of Tachyon back in June 2009 was manufactured in the US by New England Rope but since then we have only stocked the European Teufelberger Tachyon made famous by the Treemagineers. Due to customer demand the US version of Tachyon will again grace our shelves.

KM III is a popular 11mm ascent line abroad - KM III is rated to EN 1891A but it does have very low elongation (for a EN 1891A line).

The abrasion resistant 32-strand polyester sheath (over a polymide core) is suitable for most mechanical devices.

The EN 1891A rating makes KM III ideal for companies wanting to stick with fully certified access lines.

Escalator is the new 11mm ultra low stretch access line from New England. The triple fiber core containing Aramid, HMPE and polyolefin fibers, over the polyester jacket looks to be the right construction for the ideal access rope at a reasonable price. Treeools will have two colors available: green and orange.

HRC Thermashield is 'heat prussic cord' which has a blended Technora, spun Nomex cover over a ultra low stretch Vectran core. This is a non-melting, non-glazing friction cord. The high heat resistance makes HRC better suited to experienced climbers.

HRC is only available au naturel.

New England Ropes

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