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NZ tree climbing memorabilia wanted!

NZ tree climbing memorabilia wanted!

Richard Tregoweth - Friday, April 29, 2011

A unique feature of Treetools Kerwyn Ave store is the 'climbers lounge'. Its almost in the showroom but slightly to the side - a place for climbers to check out new ideas and configurations using our demo gear, meet with other climbers, eat their lunch or conduct business using the Treetools wifi hot spot.

The lounge is not quite complete yet but the idea is certainly there to see. To put the finishing touches on the lounge and to ensure the space oozes with a 'feel' for the NZ tree climbing scene we are gathering together memorabilia to celebrate the accomplishments of New Zealand tree climbers. Where possible the physical exhibits will be accompanied by large photographic prints with explanatory notes.

World No:1 woman's footlocker, Nicky Ward-Allen has been very generous in donating some of her 'used' tree climbing equipment and TCC victory medals. Mr'Unicender' Johno Smith has also donated the Unicender he destroyed on his last trip into the Marum Volcano lava lake on Vanuatu.

So now, Treetools is on the scrounge for more gear - if anyone else has any tree climbing equipment with a bit of history we'd love the opportunity toput it on display. The gear can remain your property - exhibition and celebration are our primary motives.

Drop us an email if you want more information.

Johno Smith destroying his brand new Unicender descending into the lava lake on Marum Volcano, Vanuatu 2010. Click on the picture to see the latest video link on aussie television.

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