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NZ made arborist rigging bollard almost ready

NZ made arborist rigging bollard almost ready

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Work on the Pro Climb Rigging Bollard  (PCRB) is almost complete according to its designer Andreas (Rossy) Ross. This New Zealand made rigging bollard has generated quite a level of interest from arborists around the country since Treetools blogged about it a few weeks ago. Enhancements to the unit include repositioning of the load eye on the top of the drum. The eye on the original model was positioned in such a way that it could cause the rope to jam in certain situations. Another new feature is the addition of a 'rubber' pad to the back of the unit to cushion the effects of the PRCB on the bark of a living tree when it is cinched up tight.

The Port-A-Wrap will be the PCRB's main competition but there are some major differences betweenthe two. The PCRB has a larger drum and is easier to set-up. And most people like the way it can be cinched up to the tree. The bollard remains uprightat all times unlike the Port-A-Wrap which only stays upright under load. The formation of pig tails are also less common on the PCRB when it is used correctly.But there will be a price difference. The PRCB is likely to be around $500. One imagines the productivity benefits will be well worth the differential.

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