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NZ arb industry desperate for skilled staff

NZ arb industry desperate for skilled staff

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Treetools is on the RSS feed from the NZ Arb Association website. That means we get information from the association as soon as it is posted on the net.

Over the last year, job vacancies have represented the vast majority of content coming through from our industry organization - the latest post being Vacancy number for the Wellington City Council.

Having said that, it appears the industry association website content is a direct reflection of the wider NZ arb community.

Everyone, it seems, is looking for staff (as predicted).

Not just any old body, but qualified people with a good work ethic, ready to roll up their sleeves and get on with the job.

Even the NZ Herald can see the funny side - check out the Emmerson cartoon in last weekends Herald - replace the line trimmer with an 020 and you get the .

Long term we have to ask: how did the NZ arb industry get into this situation. But short term, job vacancies must be filled.

Stepping into that void is the latest of our arb-driven entrepreneurs: Arb NZ headed by, recently ex-Asplundh, Dave Darbyshire.

Arb industry specific job vacancies

Arb NZ is a highly targeted website offering industry specific job vacanices and arb equipment (largely second chippers, saws etc) as well as an arborist and contract climber directory.

Not content with 'just a website', Dave is relocating to England so that he can interview and assess potential employees from the UK and Europe to work for New Zealand arb companies.

Having spent the last seven years in this country, Dave knows first hand what the work conditions are like, and he has some understanding of the 'kiwi way' which is lost on most imports.

Asplundh New Zealand were one of the first companies to sign up with Arb NZ, but plenty of others have already shown a very keen interest.

For a small fee, jobs will be advertised on the Arb NZ website, and Dave will supplement that list with potential candidates he finds in the UK and Europe.

Dave will spend time with candidates, not only searching for the right skills but making sure they understand what they are getting into by relocating and working in New Zealand.

No other Sits Vacant website offer anywhere near the level of service Arb NZ are striving for.

And the need for this level of service is obvious, the NZ arb industry is desperate for skilled staff!

Arb employment in New Zealand

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