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NZ No.1 James Kilpatrick unable to attend 2010 NTCC

NZ No.1 James Kilpatrick unable to attend 2010 NTCC

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kiwi climbers will be disappointed to learn that James Kilpatrick is not climbing in this years National TCC at Ellerslie on Friday and Saturday.

Jamesis well known for his innovative climbing style and unique application of everyday climbing equipment - he's very much a disciple of the KISS principle.James makes the climb look so smooth you almost forget he's using any equipment at all.

In order for James to compete in next years NTCC he would need to qualify via one of the Regional TCC events or be awarded a wild-card entry into the2011 NTCC.

As a consolation you can see James (and Kiah Martin) in the video below climbing in the Masters event at the ITCC in Chicago earlier in the year.

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