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NZ Arbor BPG committee member breaks rank?

NZ Arbor BPG committee member breaks rank?

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, May 26, 2011

An 'anonymous' blog reader has suggested some NZ Arbor BPG Committee members were a little 'grumpy' with proceedings and not as united as we might thinkregarding the release of the Best Practice Guidelines for Arboriculture.

The comment logged at 10.29 this morning prompted replies from Neal and Jerry. Jerry Lynch is a sitting BPG committee member and Neal (presumably Harding)is a practicing lawyer in Stratford - see below.

The issue regarding the validity of the BPG and the 'law' is one often discussed by arborists.

One school of thought suggests the Dept of Labour "Code of Practice" is the officially recognized document - regardless the fact it is 20 years old (asJerry points out) - and would be upheld in a court of law over the BPG.

Others say the Best Practice Guideline is a more relevant industry document and it would stand up in court (Neal probably knows best in this instance).

Regardless of opinion, the legal implications for the NZ Arbor BPG should be clarified as soon as possible.

That is, before the document is rendered useless by popular industry opinion following tit-for-tat debate.

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