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NZ Arbor/Treemagineers workshops exceed expectations

NZ Arbor/Treemagineers workshops exceed expectations

Richard Tregoweth - Saturday, August 06, 2011

Foresight on behalf of NZ Arbor President Rick Mexted had Treemagineers Chris Cowell and Mark Bridge in New Zealand throughout most of last week.

The Treemagineers were in this part of the world for the 2011 ITCC, the ISA Conference and the World Arborcamp held recently in Australia.

Rick Mexted, a personal friend of the Treemagineers, took the opportunity to invite the team, which included the Australian Treemagineers product distributor Ben Abeleven, to New Zealand to conduct a series of workshops in Hamilton.

Expectations were high for the sold-out, WEL Networks sponsored workshops and by all accounts the Treemagineers delivered.

Three days of workshop covering advanced climbing techniques, aerial rescue and new material and products for the climber can test any presenter but in this case the level of experience in the kiwi audience added yet another dimension for the Treemagineers!

Participants who spoke to Treetools said the workshop content was pitched correctly - it was not so much the big things but more about the detail behind product development and techniques that appealed.

The presentation by Mark Bridge covering the recent trend towards Far East PPE production was considered a highlight and certainly raised a few highbrows in the audience.

Regrettably we have no photographs to show you but there are plenty available on Facebook, taken by workshop attendees.

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