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'NO GO!' to Duck on rope guide

'NO GO!' to Duck on rope guide

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, January 07, 2010

Yesterdays comparison between the Wild Country Ropeman and Kong Duck solicited the following comment from well known Auckland tree climber Matt Glen.

Matt was referring to a picture of the Duck being used on a home-made rope saver in the Netherlands. Treetools has received a number of calls today seeking the whereabouts of the picture. It appears since we posted the original blog the picture in question has gained restricted access on the Treehugs forum so we have included a copy below for those of you that missed it.

The Netherlands 'Duck' saver utilizes an original ART pulley and ring. The saver is retrieved when the parrell ball (or knotted tail of the climbing line) passes through the pulley sheave but catches on the Winchard shackle, in the process pulling up the cam on the Duck releasing its hold on the rope saver. With a gentle tug the ART pulley passes through the large ring and the rope saver falls to the ground.

The concept is right but Matt's concern relates to the fact the Duck is not certified for positioning or fall arrest. If you took a fall using the Duck on this style of rope saver there is no guarantee the cam wouldn't pinch the rope severely, possibly critical - at the very least its use in this situation falls beyond the safety specification for the Duck.

Thanks Matt for bringing this to our attention!

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