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Mounting the RC-3002 lowering device

Mounting the RC-3002 lowering device

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, November 30, 2009

There has been considerable interest in the new lowering devices from Stein Safety in the UK. Designed by Reg Coates in the UK, the RC-3002
weighs in at over 27 kgs. Many customers ask the question: how do you mount that beast! Reg has made the answer very simple - run a mounting sling around the tree first, attach the RC-3002 with a carabiner and then take your time to cinch up the ratchet straps.

The mounting debate also cameup at the Arb Conference Trade Show when customers tested the weight of the Pro Climb Rigging Bollard (13 kgs). The same mounting principle Reg has designedfor the RC-3002 can be applied to the PCRB.

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