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More tree climbing resources online

More tree climbing resources online

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, July 20, 2010

E-learning is bound accelerate tree worker education and expand the climbing and rigging knowledge database in quick succession.

VTIO has made their research available for download to the wider tree climbing community with the publication of excellent climbing and rigging related papers by Joe Harris, Grant Cody and Scotty Sharpe.

The ISA is also committed to this style of education. They have developed a full e-learning section on their website (as discussed in a previous Treetools blog) which offers some excellent material.

The ISA ArborPod is a sub-section of the ISA e-learning center and includes podcasts and videos on general arboriculture topics… but it is the climbing and rigging section that will be of most interest to Treetools blog readers.

The ArborPod Climbing and Rigging series is designed to make it easy for arborists to get a handle on the knots and rope configurations used everyday at work. By reviewing these videos climbers can see immediately how their knot or rope compares with a known standard.

Please note: these videos are not designed to replace comprehensive training provided by the likes of Hort Training or Wintec .

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