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More than a classroom experience!

More than a classroom experience!

Richard Tregoweth - Saturday, November 06, 2010

If you are think the Omnitree Climbers Open Forum on Thursday 11 November will be a classroom-based teaching session - think again!

Omnitree directors Jelte Buddingh and Menno Kluiters have a practical tree climbing experience planned for registered participants.

The Climbers Open Forum will include pole (using climbers) and foot lock rescue scenarios. Rescues in these situations are often overlooked in a typical 'competition' aerial rescue, yet both flip line and foot lock accidents have as much likelihood of occurring in the work environment as the unconscious climber scenario.

In addition to the rescue options Menno and Jelte will cover work positioning and demonstrate the versatility of the humble foot locking lanyard for use in redirects and rescue. If time permits, current SRT access methods and options will also be explored.

The Climbers Open Forum is part of the 2010 NZAA Annual Conference and is not to be missed. As far as we are aware there are still some positions available but don't be surprised if this conference event sells out!

Omnitree director Menno Kluiters leading the Splicing Workshop in Dunedin late last month

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