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More 'pulley porn' from DMM and the Treemagineers

More 'pulley porn' from DMM and the Treemagineers

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, May 27, 2010

Treetools blogged about the new DMM Impact Blocks earlier in the week and this has attracted plenty of attention - 'anonymous' described the new Impact Blocks as 'pulley porn'… and he could be right!

DMM and the Treemagineers have certainly been busy producing some very exciting new gearfor 2010. Another one to add to the list is the Pinto pulley due for release in August. It will be available in two models: the 40kN Pinto and the 50kNPinto Rig.

Download the flyer and check out the rounded cheek plates and fairlead flares. This feature allows for the use of textile components in the configuration.Textile components are generally more economic and offer other benefits over rope. You can even attach a textile sling to the curved becket at the baseof the pulley.

Both the Pinto's have been specially designed to work with the DMM Ultra O and DMM Boa carabiners. The attachment holes are sized to reduce the probabilityof carabiner rotation onto the gate.

Pricing is yet to be confirmed. Treetools will have the Pinto and Pinto Rig for sale as soon as they are available.

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