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More on the NZAA Top 20 rankings by Neal Harding

More on the NZAA Top 20 rankings by Neal Harding

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, September 28, 2010

If your name is not in the NZAA Top 20 but you would like to know where you are placed, you can email Neal Harding for your position in the Top 100 (yes, there are 100 competitive tree climbers in New Zealand).

Neal's email address is:

Provided you are already on the rankings, other TCC competition results can be added to your score.

For example Queensland is already included (because Neal had the Queensland TCC results). ISAAC, the Czech Republic and Singapore TCC are not included because the results were not on hand.

If you competed in these TCC events, and your name already appears on the rankings, send the relevant results to Neal for updating.

Neal says "If a person want's to do really well they need to win the ITCC Masters. It's no co-incidence that the top few (and Andy Neverman is eighth with only two climbs counted - if he were to compete in WLGT and do as well as he did in Hamilton he'd jump to second (unless of course Jawand also did well in WLGTN! and gained second spot himself)) have all recently done well in masters climbs.

If climbers want to take over the top few - they'll most likely have to beat the current top few into a masters climb in November".  

"Otherwise they need to do as best they can in at least three competitions. If the blokes who are in the top twenty (or even as far back as thirty) who have only done two events were to compete in Wellington for their third - then they can jump into or up the top twenty.

For blokes who have last year's Wellington as one of their three scores - and they aren't competing - well they'll fall when their last year's Wellington points expire" (this weekend).

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