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More on the Aerial Rescue event in the Regional TCC's

More on the Aerial Rescue event in the Regional TCC's

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Aerial Rescue event presents the greatest challenge to TCC novices. Some newbies are so daunted by the prospect of rescuing a 'workmate' under the watchful eye of their peers they flag the event away altogether.

As far as Treetools is aware all Waikato competitors made an attempt at the Aerial Rescue last Saturday.

Judge Tony Wilson described the quality of Aerial Rescues throughout the day as 'solid' at the prize giving. "Most of you could rescue me any day" he quipped.

Tony went on to say 'there is more to the AR event than simply getting Woody to the ground' (although a highly commendable feat in itself).

'An understanding of the rules is a must if competitors want to gain maximum points'.

At one stage during the day we heard Tony and Rossy Ross (the other AR judge) suggest to one climber they might do better if they read the rules - to which the competitor promptly replied "that sounds too much like preparation!".

The 2012 NZ Arbor Husqvarna Wellington Regional TCC is scheduled for Kowhai Park, Whanganui this coming weekend (29 September) - a great opportunity to apply your new found AR knowledge.

You can read more about Aerial Rescue event on the Scott Forrest Legends Foundation website - there is an excellent article there by chief score keep Neal Harding.

The latest edition of Tree Matters has an equally excellent AR article by Mat Palmer - well worth a read - but you have to be a NZ Arbor member to partake (so pay your subscription now).

Josh Ormsby Aerial Rescue Waikato TCC2012 Waikato/Bay of Plenty TCC winner Josh Ormsby demonstrating his understanding of the AR rules on Saturday at Ferrybank Park in Hamilton.

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