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More on SRT

More on SRT

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hamish Fraser, originally from Cambridge in the Waikato and currently working in Melbourne, Australia visited the store today. We got to talking about access lines and SRT and Hamish mentioned a workshop he recently attended presented by Scott Sharpe from Tasmania.

Apparently Scott has developed a unique SRT system using the Petzl Mini Traxion (instead of a hand ascender), the Petzl Basic and a Petzl Pantin. The video below shows Scott in action. Scott can literally walk up the line without using his hands at all, making it easy to brush aside branches and for moving the rope away from limbs etc.

Scott is presenting a workshop on tree climbing and rigging at the ISAAC Conference and Australian National TCC in Adelaide during May and his SRT system is bound to be discussed further.

There are a number of unique features to this system. One is the use of the Mini Traxion capture pulley instead of the hand ascender. The Mini Traxion can be used for rope ascent but arborists are probably more familiar with the Pro Traxion (the Mini's bigger brother) as a one-way rigging pulley.

The Mini Traxion can be attached mid line and once 'locked' with a carabiner cannot release from the line (unlike hand ascenders). The sling system around Scott's shoulders holds the Mini Traxion close to his chest. The front loop on the Petzl Sequoia SRT harness helps secure the Mini Traxion in place.

There are other features to the system not apparent on the video - the modified foot Pantin (mentioned on the video) is an example. Treetools will be attending Scott's climbing workshop in Adelaide so we can explain further once we have more details.

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