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More on 8mm Armor-Prus Polyester

More on 8mm Armor-Prus Polyester

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Armor-Prus Polyester 8mm was developed by Donaghys, in association with kiwi splicer Drew Bristow, to address the Class I/Class II/Locking Brummel splicing issue, well noted in previous Treetools blog posts.

Over the last couple of years the modified Class I Armor-Prus splice completed by DB Tree has become a local industry standard for the manufacture of New Zealand made Armor-Prus e2e friction cords commonly used with the Treemagineers set-up.

This modified 8mm and 10mm splice performed by Drew Bristow has been extensively tested, both in the lab by Treetools and in the field by countless kiwi tree climbers.

These tests were restricted to DB Tree splices only in an effort to find the right balance between strength and core protection. The DB Tree modified Class I on classic Armor-Prus has proven to reach both objectives.

Unfortunately, not all splicers use the DB Tree modified Class I when splicing Spectra/Kevlar core Armor-Prus.

Some splicing purists insist the Class I splice is not appropriate for the Spectra/Kevlar core found in classic Armor-Prus… and, technically speaking, they are correct.

Hence the development of Armor-Prus Polyester 8mm which allows for the use of a standard Class I splice on Armor-Prus without any modifications (or special DB Tree splicing secrets).

NOTE: Armor-Prus Polyester is only available in 8mm diameter. 10% of all sales through Treetools goes towards The Scott Forrest Legends Foundation.

Armor-Prus Polyester

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